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Make Confessions script is a revolutionary new piece of software which helps quickly build a confessions website or just about anything else like love stories, dating stories, hate your boss stories, etc. Visitors can post anonymously. To prevent spam all new entries are approved by administrator. Script features: - Create unlimited categories - Attach a picture - Comments system - Create and attach Polls - Rating system - Most popular - Top Rated - Send to a friend - Adult filter - Admin features to approve, edit entries, change categories, add comments, etc. Installation is super easy and all you need installed on the server is php, Mysql ? very common software supported by 99% of the hosting companies.
Get a collection of powerful yet easy-to-use 12 world class online SEO tools to attract more traffic to your website. Use these tools to give an extra feature to your users or to attract repeat visitors and genuine backward links. Get tools like - Search Engine Saturation - Link Popularity of any URL - Google Page Rank (PR) of urls - Google Page Rank of urls in BULK - PR of pages indexed on Google - Link Popularity with PR - Link Search by Keyword and PR - Alexa Rank of any url - Alexa Rank of urls in bulk. - Exact Keyword Position/SERP - Keyword Suggestions from overture and Google - Visitors IP and Browser - 100% web based software,No Need to download/ Install anything. Runs from any browser. - Use it to analyze any website - Get free one way backward link by giving others the feature to copy and paste some code and provide this service from heir site. - Free installation and free support for 90 days. - Runs on both dedicated servers and shared hosting. - Get your copy now !!!
This package contains everything you need to implement an IP to country script on your website using the IP-to-Country (http://ip-to-country.web database, from CVS to MySQL conversion to querying the database. Working demo here : 1/ip-to-country/ (home-hosted server, not always up)
I have built this web interface, which under the covers is making calls to http://www.techie-blogs.c om/wordpress/free-online- dictionary/
Features of Tinyportal Articles and frontpage Articles- are pages within SMF that can contain any html code you want or even PHP code. You can control several visual options such as displaying blocks or not, showing the title and much more. They can be also be categorised. Frontpage- refers to the first page you see upon entering your SMF/Tinyportal site. It can work in several different ways: showing blocks, show articles and/or forum topics - or a single page. And if you dont really need a frontpage, you can make it go directly to the forum. Blocks Blocks- refer to the small boxes of information you will find on each side of your TP-driven forum. They can be many different types, the basic ones being just a container for html/javascript code or php code. Shoutbox, RSS feeds, Stats, News are , to just name a few, some of the many different types you can use. Block Code snippets- are pre-made codeblocks you can easily insert in one of your php/html blocks. Many of the
Simple weather cms offers easy instalation and integration into any web site. Highly customisable, simple script. 3 days forecast with temperatures and images.
MySpace Resource Script - with this script you can offer free layouts, cursors, flashy text and more to people with profiles. Earn money with advertising revenue!All original author credits remain intact. Please read them for news, directions and upgrade info.
GeSHi is a Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP taking any sourcecode and highlighting it in XHTML and CSS. GeSHis many features include: * Support for over 60 languages * Case-sensitive or insensitive highlighting * Auto-caps/non-caps of any keyword * Function to URL conversion * Line numbering * Use of CSS classes to massively reduce the amount of outputted code. * International character set support GeSHis features are neatly wrapped up in an easy to use class and GeSHi comes with full documentation.
WPGet is a script which makes the process of including content from a Wordpress 2.0 powered blog in a non-WP powered page. Its built in PHP and is 100% free software.
This little chunk of code takes the string passed to it, and replaces any instances of MSN Emoticon codes with the corrisponding icon. Its pretty basic, but still makes any page more friendlier, and familiar. All of the images and key codes are the same as with MSN Messenger 7, but could be easily changed to suit your needs.

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