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Multi-Level Marketing related scripts & softwares
MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi-Program Network Creator. Creates an unlimited number of affiliate programs, using any number of tiers (MLM), AND / OR a powerlines structure (X-up) - all running off one domain and database, so members create one downline within the network. Members also maintain one profile and login area. This script runs Marketers Dashboard, Automatic Money Machine, Fast Money Machine, Your New Fortune, Easy Daily Cash, & EDCGold, to name a few. Affiliates and Admin are paid separately, and directly by members - so theres no 1099 tax reporting for your members! Create single payment programs AND / OR subscription based programs using, Safepay, Alertpay, Paypal, and Egold. More added on request. All payments are 100% IPN secure, and made member to member, except - a merchant account gateway. Affiliate commission payment system included, so if you accept credit cards, you can easily track & pay your affiliates. See site for 2-up script @ $297!
START a 4x4 / 5x8 / 2x16 (or any combo) CLUBS and offers your members unlimited opportunities of earning money from referrals and/or selling digital products. ORBITMATRIX is THE solutions for you to operate, manage and OWN such a club! ORBITMATRIX is the perfect solutions for 1) formation of a specialized downline referral CLUB 2) club will have FORCED MATRIX system 3) forced matrix will be reinforced from the formation of website 4) Incentives reward system when members reach certain target or completion of one matrix pyramid cycle 5) Easy to use yet power admin controls managing full aspects of site
Viral Sales Generator is a PHP/MySQL marketing platform to enable software companies to sell their products using internet marketing techniques. Main features include: * Multiple Opt In Form support * Secure Member Area * One-Time-Offer (OTO) Support * Instant affiliate tracking system * Multi-tier commissions * Download module * Support for Product Sales and Membership Sites * 23 Payment and Ecommerce Systems Supported * Flexible panel system * Skins/Color Templates * Installation and Integration Wizards * Member email system * Muliple Payment Options * Integration Methods Auto Upgrade * Viral Sales Generator enables you to sell your digital products using a linear sales process starting with a landing page and opt-in reg. form, one-time offer, and member login area where members can learn how to promote your product, download content, and purchase your products. Affiliate program pays generous lifetime commissions. All members are instant affiliates.
SERIES 7 is an e-gold enabled forced matrix script and allows the admin/owner to configure the desired widths and depths of the website. There are no payments (either auto or manual) to be processed or managed by the admin as all transactions are paid from one member to another instantly through egold. In SERIES 7, members joining will have to pay their upline/sponsors (according to the plan of the site, for example if its 5x5, then 5 upline/sponsors) to have their account activated. An admin fees may be added to list of payee before account activation.
Takes care of affiliates up to 9 levels. Automatic calculation of payments, inbuilt accounts and journal for easy tracking of payments, allows creation and maintenance of franchise, built in chat and message board system, graphical tree view of members and their respective level and recurring payments. Integration with Paypal and other payment gateways possible.
PHPDownline is a Downline software. It is easy to install, PHPDownline Club is written entirely in PHP, using a MySQL database. You can use it to advertise your referral links from MLM programs, Traffic Exchanges, its only limited to your imagination. New members are given their own affiliate links to promote your site with. Contains an easy to use Admin control panel for easy of use. Full demo available. custom programing is available request your quote today.
A MLM software that can take care of affiliates up to 9 levels deep. Features: Setting the number of levels you are willing to pay affiliates; Setting a cooling off period whereby affiliates only get funds after a certain number of days after a purchase is made; Recurring payments; Can cater for refunds; Set the number of days after the customer clicks on the affiliate link to make a purchase before the affiliate is not credited for the sale; Auto-generated affiliate pages; Shiftable downline; Secure admin control panel to manage all affiliates; Secure affiliate control panel; 2checkout, Paypal, Clickbank, Stormpay, IntGold and E-gold compatible; and many other useful add-ons
Monthly Payday is one of the newest MLM Money Making Scripts with tons of Member & Admin features. You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and ever month! Let me tell you about this amazing, one of kind PHP script! Theres nothing like it! This script allows you to signup up thousnds of members at absolutely no cost! This is why they will signup... Because its 100% FREE! But wait, I have not told you the exciting part! Then, once you decide you have enough members all you have to do is login to the admin area and click one button that says "Admin Payday On!" Thats when you get a massive stream of income from the entire downline! You get 100% CASH right into your Paypal account! Now, this is only half the story of what this script can do! Why would they pay? Well, thats easy.... they will pay because if they donot pay they will be bypassed and in turn they will not get paid! Once they are bypassed they will not receive any money from their referrals!
Create Your GetPaid allows you to start your very own GetPaidTo program. Features: GetPaidTo click, sign-up and read e-mail; Advanced lead/sale system; Unlimited referral levels; Object Ori?ntated User System; Template based website; DB Backup/Restore/Optimizer; Advanced searchable memberlist; Built-in Update Check system; installation in 3 steps.
This script was the first and is still the one that powers the majority of all internet randomizers. anyone can Start your their own randomizer system just like those seen at or webstars, A member joins by paying a randomly selected member a fixed price, the new member is then redirected to Admin to pay for the amount of rotation (how often their user ID is selected by the randomizer script) This is a really good money maker for the admin and uses StormPay IPN to ensure that no one can cheat (Auto Join, Members pay and are added to the Database automatically). Features Amin area, Add members in admin. Payment log, see who has paid and how much. Automatic add to database making the system hands free. Template driven Mysql Database and is easy to install. Stormpay Randomizer script is available now. New updated version for 2005

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