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Open Directory Project related scripts & softwares
Astanda Directory Project [ADP] is a directory, search engine, and spider/crawler software. Your own breed of DMOZ and Google. ADP is the only software in its class ever to be written in PHP with MySQL database support. Supports virtually unlimited number of links and pages without any loss of performance. Fast web spider crawls any given URL, follows links within, and records site information to the database. Extremely fast proper FULLTEXT Boolean search with keyword relevance support. Web-based Admin area that helps manage ADP. Admin area is protected with encrypted passwords and .htaccess/.htpasswd files. ADP templates are fully customizable with Smarty template engine. Unlimited sub/categories with proper SEO structure. ADP supports any language that MySQL can support. DMOZ data import. Optional creation of static directories and pages. Proper recip link checking. Google Page Rank support. IP, Domain, URL string, and Keyword banning. And a lot more other useful features!
directory of links to be put on a single page of your Web site, with a script php. 120000 links of Websites referenced on the directory. 6000 pages classified by categories. The directory is updated regularly and automatically. Ideal to add a rich contents to your site by a mini code php.
PHP script that allows you to intergrate live or cached ODP data into your website using a template based system. You can also decide the window target for external links. Supports World category character sets and thumbnail previews.
FarODP is a very simple script that shows quality listings from Open Directory Project from your own website by reformatting the data from there, thus without downloading the RDF dump. This script is easy to install, just upload it. Supports thumbnails, caching, meta keywords and description, and more. Unlike other scripts, you are allowed to remove the copyright notices.
Our Link Directory Script is an extensive and powerful script to run your own dmoz like link directory. It has great potential to generate consistent revenues for you. Your visitors can register and post their links. They can also request to become editors. Script supports unlimited number of editors. You can assign permissions to these editors. FULLY customizable colors and graphics of the site make this script VERY SPECIAL. Thus you can very easily give your site a unique look and identity.
SmartODP is a Professional ODP solution for site use odp data, no database needed, multiple methods to grab the webpages from even via proxy server, use smarty as the template, cache webpage, and more...
PHP script that allows you to intergrate the ODP RDF dumps into a MySQL database and then search and browse the directory. It can be intergrated into your site using templates. Includes an online administration area to manage the directory. Also supports category moves (catmv), site totals for each category, editors picks and thumbnail previews. The directory software can be used with or without ODP data and can be used as a standalone links directory.
Instant content, thats what phpODP is about. This is the original script for adding dmoz data to your PHP enabled website. A good and active user community, and lots of features at no cost makes phpODP your best choice. Features; Thumbnail previews of sites (optional), Caching of browsing and/or searching, Adult filter (dmoz contains a lot of adult content, block categories & searches), Supports targeted advertising (Amazon), Template based (change look easily), Custom 404 / Not found pages, and more ... Easy install - just upload the file and youre ready to go!
Use this script to add the power of the open directory to your website. Works as a stand-alone script or as a php-nuke add-on. Data-caching helps improve performance.
Directory script that builds search engines ? friendly, static pages. Main idea is to build effective structure to maximize directory traffic potential, heavy optimization and heavy traffic volumes support. If you?re going to build a directory that can cope with huge traffic flow aeDirectory is your best bet. aeDirectory has all features of a Yahoo-like directory script, easy and powerful administration panel, classic structure, and a static pages building system.

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