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The online appointment planner is a tool based on PHP and MySQL that can be used on the Web sites of companies for booking appointments online. The script allows customers to reserve an appointment with a staff member via the Companys homepage. Appointment and customer data can be edited in the administration area by the operator. The scripts allows to create an arbitrary number of appointment areas. Users and operators can be assigned to one or all appointment areas.
Project management software for small-to-medium sized businesses who wish to manage their projects online in one centralized place -- Factory Nova increases the effectiveness of your work and the happiness of your clients by making the workflow fully transparent to them -- All the information about the projects is stored relative to a project -- Sophisticated tasks functionality: tree-based and flat list views, powerful filters, tags -- Automatic thumbnail generation for images, separate discussions of files and images -- Integrated knowledge base and discussions modules in every project -- Tight integration with email: receive emails from POP3 accounts directly in Factory Nova -- Flexible roles based access system for every project -- Beautiful dynamic interface with Ajax editing -- Convenient licensing: based on the number of projects or the number of users -- Free fully functional trial version and an online demo are available!
Simple Customer is an open-source online customer database that allows you to easily manage your clients and customers along with adding notes and tasks & multiple contacts. Built with php, Simple Customer is light-weight and easily extensible. Keeping track of your customers & clients has never been easier. <br/> <strong>Features:</strong ><br/> Customer & Client Management Calendar Add Notes/Tasks to Customers Multiple User-Levels (Admin/Publisher...) Multiple Contacts per Customer listing Advanced Search & Admin Options Lightweight (55kb) Export list to CSV file
The addressbook is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store contacts, and for user authentication. The user logs in, or registers for the first time. Then the user adds, searches, edits, or deletes contacts. The user can only search contacts that they have entered in themselves. The user authentication is solid except that if they press logout, and then goes back in to the search page, it allows them to search but nothing comes up. The user should be denied. This will be fixed in the next version. Other than that one bug, the user can search full or partial words, edit, and delete there contacts. Form validation is built in so that if the user leaves all fields blank, they are notified. In the attached zip file, all pages necessary are included. Take a look at the readme for more information on the script.
This script will allow you to create a simple wishlist to track your wishes. It allows you to link to an image, link to the actual purchase page, and list the status of the wish.
Webbased contact management including vCard and opera import/export functionality and the ability to share your contacts with others. The application also has support for bookmarks, a calendar, news feeds, notes, tasks, passwords management and more. Over 17 languages are supported and 6 themes are available. In short: A webbased Personal Information Manager (PIM)
TaskDriver 1.2 is a unique task assignment based application developed specifically to meet todays tough corporate standards of task assignment and tracking. TaskDriver is an browser based thin client built with PHP/MySQL technologies. It contains built-in authentication, Manager/Assignee relationship and easy deadline tracking.
PCR postit, is a reminder/postit system based on XML files and AJAX written in PHP5. It works with a double caching system (file+shared memory) and allow to store multimedia content (Text, RSS Feed, Embed video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Myspace, and Flickr Thumbnails).
System provide you to schedule meetings, rooms, video conferences, etc. Application has an administrator page that you can add, edit and delete users, meetings, booking, rooms and schedules. Multi-langual support (English US, Portuguese BR and Catalan). Pretty easy to install, just have to modify one configuration file and query up MySQL database. Demo:
This script allows it to manage all the contacts of your company in a central database. csphonebook is easy to install. An install script guides you through the whole installation process. The readme gives you detailed information about the functions and the installation and the way to add, edit and delete contact. The features are: * Installation script which guide you trough the installation * Extendable multi language support (comes with german an english) * CSS based design * Search for names and full-text extended search * Save phone- , fax- , and mobile-phone numbers. Additional company names, departments and the room number can be saved for your contacts in a central database * Readme file with screenshots and detailed information about the installation of csphonebook

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