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Polls and Voting related scripts & softwares
MiPhoto is an advanced photo rating (HotOrNot) and/or dating website script with VIDEO support! With an intergrated payment system, members can purchase memberships to access different features on the site, control by the administrator. MiPhoto also allows administrators to create their own profile fields to further themselves from similiar sites and to have multiple rating categories other than the normal Male and Female. With the template system, an administrator can easily customize the look and feel of the site with HTML code. A built-in private messaging system allows users to communicate without revealing their email address, allowing privacy for your members. With the Pro version you will receive the Forum Plugin for free. The Forum Plugin allows users to communicate with each other and will enable a user to use their MiPhoto account to access the forum.
A comprehensive web-based survey builder with one-click install on any server using PHP4 and MySQL. Run unlimited multi-page surveys with unlimited questions and answers. You have complete control over the layout using CSS and templates. Avoid duplicates using IP Addresses, Cookies or even Verified Email Addresses. View survey results online or download them in CSV or XML format for use in your favorite programs. Multi-language support allows you to run separate surveys in different languages.
K-Rate is one of the most advanced and feature rich HotOrNot type of scripts in the market. It provides all the standard features - image submission and voting as well as more advanced features like creation of member profiles and profile search. Members can also express themselves by posting in their own blogs, exchange thoughts in forums, talk in chat rooms and contact each other privately using private messaging system. Paid memberships can be offered as well - the script has integration with 2CheckOut and PayPal to process payments.
This is very easy to use rating system for your web site, you can use this product so that users can vote for your products, music, videos, pictures or any other listings you have on your web site, so that the other users will know how good a certain listing is by the score (stars) and the number of votes. No database is needed, no coding needed. It is very easy to use, you will get all the source files, however you will only need 2 files for this system: rating.swf and rating.php, all you have to do is insert the swf in your page just like any other flash content and have the rating.php in same directory. To add rating feature to another one of your listings all you have to do is duplicate the 2 files by copy / paste and rename them like this: rating_photo.swf and php file will need to have same name: rating_photo.php. When users clicks to rate, values are recorded, new values are visible without reloading page. Against duplicate voting: 3 things are verified including client IP.
Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution for starting your video sharing and uploading community just like Youtube and MySpace Videos allowing your members to vote videos/profiles and polling. Video Share is our enterprise level software that offers a powerful and feature rich solution combining both video sharing and social networking into one package. Features include: template based, built-in flash player for video streaming, integrated paypal payment system, upload video, messaging system, embeddable video player, real-time video conversion, video/profile rating, playlist, groups, setup video channels, friend lists, advertiser and polling plug-ins as well as an advance admin interface
Flash Web Poll is an online poll product that allows you to quickly and easily create a multiple-choice polling question and then publish it to your website. It takes less than 3 minutes to have an online web poll on your site. When creating a poll you can design your own color set so the poll perfectly matches your web site colors. You can configure the poll to accept multiple or single votes for each visitor.
iSalient provides a simple to follow pathway through the entire process of conducting a survey. When using iSalient, designing and creating survey forms, distributing the survey electronically via the web, collecting/entering and processing the responses, and finally graphically analyzing and presenting the results has never been easier. Using your responses and exporting them to another program such as a spreadsheet or PDF for further analysis gives you full control over your survey distribution process. No code is involved in the creation of a dynamic, condition and logic based survey design. Take all of the hard work of hand coding surveys and centralize all of your designs into one application. During the creation of your surveys, you have multiple options for the types of questions that can be inserted into your survey including One Answer Drop Downs, Matrix formatted questions, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Form Sliders and Graphical Slider types, File uploads & more...
Vote Pro 4.0 is all-in-one website voting solution! Lots of voting features will give your poll new breath and great look and feel. It is complete, flexible and fully-functional survey and voting engine for any type of website. ? FULL SKINS SUPPORT: template customization and design profiles. Ten preconfigured templates. ? CONFIGURABLE QUESTION TYPES: multiple choice, text, and many others. ? EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE makes administration a snap! ? Optional publicly viewable survey results. ? Preview entire surveys and individual questions. ? Web-based php survey and questions editor. ? Full and poweful control over data. PRIORITY SUPPORT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! FREE UPDATES! Let us show you our FREE ONLINE DEMO and prove our claims!
DREAMPOLL is an enhanced version of Advanced Poll Builder for webmasters who handle the medium/big websites. It is extremely HANDY TO USE, have nice admin panel, 3-STEPS VISUAL WIZARD to create the POLL and customize the Design. Now admin panel works with IE, FireFox and Opera. It has all the features of Advanced Poll Builder 1.2, like "COLOR PICKER/Wizard", "Prevent Multiple Votes per IP/ Computer", "Results Statistics" and more [click "visit" for full features list] + 2 more new very useful ones: 1) Default Poll ? this allows you to easily set the [default poll]. If you have a lot of html or other pages on your site where you want to place the same poll and want to easily switch between the existent polls so it will automatically starts showing current default poll on all the pages, this feature will save your time. You do not need to change the html code every time you want to show another poll on your pages; 2) Now the results can be shown right on the poll box. FREE DEMO online!
StarsRate is a "rate my pic" type of script used to poll your web site visitors. If youve always wondered what other people think about your images, articles, posts,.... it is now easy to find out. When creating a polling item you can choose how many stars it will have, titles for each star, if and how voting results will be displayed. Just try out the DEMO administration page and you will see how easy it is to work with StarsRate voting script.

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