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Quote Display related scripts & softwares
This is a simple PHP script that allows you to display random quotes on your website. Easily add/edit quotes in a plain text file. Quotes can include HTML, so can appear formatted. Includes 1000s of free quotes. Instant Setup!! Add some thought and inspiration to entertain your visitors! Download now for free and have running on your site in minutes!
A PHP class that can generate JavaScript tooltips. - works on all major browsers (no transparency on Opera, though) - in Internet Explorer the tooltips show above HTML SELECT elements as they should - the appearance of the tooltips is template driven - only onmouseover/onmousemove events need to be sepcified - no onmouseout!
Automonial was designed to fill a need for site owners who wanted to be able to manage their customer testimonials without getting their hands dirty. This script gives you the power to handle your testimonials in ways never before possible: ~Random testimonial block with customizable limitations on characters shown~ ~Users can submit testimonials to be approved~ ~Users can either view a particular or all of the approved testimonials~ ~Powerful administrative section~ ~Admin can choose to be notified upon testimonial submissions~ ~Admin can edit, delete, approve, suspend and create new testimonials~ ~Easy 3 step automated installation~ ~Uses FCKEditor(bare version with HTML sanitizing for the front end, Feature packed version for the admin)~ ~Incredible amount of configurable options from the admin panel, block size, what gets shown to the viewer(website URL, Name, Title, date, etc), as well as automatically generated insertion code to show the block on your site~ E
This is a very simple and easy to configure verse of the day script. It fetches the Bible Gateway verse of the day and displays it on your website. Features: Length Limiting - Limit the length of the verse displayed Show Audio - Choose to show the audio link or not. Supported Bible versions: -New International Version -King James Version -English Standard Version -American Standard Version -Hatian Creole Version -Luther Bibel 1545 -Young?s Literal Translation -Darby Translation -Reina-Valera Antigua -Louis Segond -Icelandic Bible -Conferenza Episcopale Italiana -Maori Bible -Det Norsk Bibelselskap 1930 -Romanian Cornilescu Version -Russian Synodal Version -Albanian Bible -Svenska 1917
It uses a text document to store the quotes in. You can use html with your quotes by simply puting the html tags within the text document. By hitting enter in the text document you pass on to another quote.
phpMyQuote is a simple quote system that provides an API in which to intergrate quotes into a website and also possible administration functionally.
Spice up your website with a random quote! Easy to edit quotes list lets you customize quotes. Rotate as few or as many quotes as you like. Appears as text, completely formattable with HTML and CSS.
InstaQuote PHP Script is completely customizable and can be configured for almost any type of online, instant quote. Use for auto insurance, professional services, carpet cleaning, health insurance, life insurance and many others. The script calls for the visitor to select/enter the requested information upon which an instant online quote is generated on the screen. Requires only PHP 4+ with Register_Globals set to on; no MySQL used nor required.
A simple script to display a single random line of text anywhere you include the code on a page. A text file containing 385 one-liners is included.
Free random quotes script with secure online admin panel, support for multiple admins and unlimited quotes. Uses one MySQL database (support for text files coming in next version). Includes automatic installer and uninstaller. Templates to customize your quotes display. Use one simple include code to show the random quotes on your webpage.

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