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Randomizing related scripts & softwares
This random generator can generate weighted random items, which means you can allow some items show more than other. Build in GCD system can make the script use as little resource as possible.
This class displays all anagrams of a given input word of arbitrary length: the computation of all resulting anagrams can be driven by pre-defined rules too.
"RanCon" is a very basic random content insertion script. One may insert just about anything that can be sandwiched between two HTML tags into their PHP pages with this little script. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate about this piece. It just works. Very simple set-up
Those days of renaming your jpgs pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg are over. Do you hate not being able to have two or three or even five hundred image sizes for a Random Set of Images. Do you want to have gifs and jpgs in the same Random Image Set? Then this script is your answer! It has a fully customizable text caption and alt tag. The images sizes are dictated through a stylesheet.
This script is used to create a number of random passwords based on the users input
Generates random registration numbers of any length and character format, as well as telling you how many variations of that format are possible, helping to ensure that you will not run out of available registration numbers and have to switch formats down the road. Tools are included for incorporating the program into a database, in case you wish to tie the generated numbers into a logging system and ensure that the number has not previously been used.
A simple PHP script that allows you to rotate an unlimited amount of URLs through the one URL. Does not use frames and includes a web interface admin area to add and remove your URLs. Great script for those with many affiliate URLs and need to promote all of them through the one simple link. MySQL is not required.
Hazard Random Generator generates a random text for you to display. You may also force the script to display a certain quote. This script may also be used to generate random links or images.
This is a random generator script written in php that may generate random links, images, numbers or anything you want. You have the full control of what you want to generate. You may also put different priority for each one of them.
Kmita Randomizer is the BEST and EASIEST randomizer script. Even though its easy to install and manage, it provides you with features like exposure level of each object in a random group which other programs do not. You can have anything from HTML, quotes, images whatever can be included in your HTML tags. Kmita Randomizer has its own setup utility and one just need to put the files on the server.

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