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Security Systems related scripts & softwares
Sitelok allows you to password protect and control access to html or PHP pages within your website. You can separate your site into multiple members only areas and each user can be a member of one or more areas. Depending on your requirements new users can be added to Sitelok either manually via the Sitelok control panel, automatically from a PHP script using the Sitelok API or via a registration form that allows a user to add themselves. A users membership of an area can be set to expire after a fixed number of days or can be left open. Once setup making a page secure is simply a matter of adding one line to the top of the page. The Sitelok control panel provides an easy to use and powerful way to manage users and also provides access to a log file that stores each users access. You can also send template based email to one or more members (with multiple conditions) making Sitelok a powerful way to keep in touch with your members. Everything the user sees is 100% customisable.
SourceGuardian 7 PHP Encoder is the ultimate protection solution for your PHP scripts. Version 7.0 introduces a host of new and enhanced features. SourceGuardian has become an essential tool for many web developers and programmers, offering the ability to protect their PHP code and therefore their intellectual property. The new version contains all of the same useful features customers have grown to expect, including bytecode encoding, time limiting scripts and locking to specific domain names or machines. However, 7.0 further enhances functionality allowing for protection of non-PHP scripts, including the popular Smarty templating system. Other enhancements include a faster encoding engine, additional security layers and a richer, more intuitive interface. We have Windows, Linux & Mac OS X encoding clients and a Command line encoder. SourceGuardian 7 PHP Encoder is the most comprehesive and user-friendly protection solution on the market. A free 7-day trial is available.
SmE Protect- is a lite script, the objective is protect your against spamers others type of abuse !
Password protect your content with Web Page Password Protect by just adding one line of PHP code to your page source. Script will present user with password entry form, and will not let visitor see your private content without providing correct password. Usage: * Update password_protect.php with your desired password * Add one line of PHP code to every page you would like to be password protected Note: visitor will not have to re-login to each protected page if one has cookies enabled.
The name of this project tells everything by itself ! Its a little captcha generator which creates human-readable check codes which will keep you away from spammers and flooders. It requires GD library, Session handling and some files linked at the bottom of this page.
This package is an alternative animated CAPTCHA generator tool. This package can be used to create animated CAPTCHA images for website validation. To decode of these CAPTCHA images are more difficult by web bots, the execution time of image generating is faster and better than volume 1 package.
Zorex PHP CryptZ is the solution for encoding and protecting your PHP scripts. Now you can encrypt your PHP files before distribution without worrying about others who might want to copy or steal your code. You can protect your PHP scripts or pages to make them unreadable by other people! With this version, you can do limit server and also limit host. - Bulk Encoding in ZIP file format. - Support multiple user at the same time. - More feature added with better interface.
A small but usefull spam/flood form submit protection. This class can produce a image with a random string and a form input. When the form is submitted, the string from the form input can be matched against generated string in the image. When they match, the submition can proceed. The random generated image string will be matched against a session var or against a file on the server disk, depanding on the backend youve choosed. Default backend is the session backend. Some of the features: * One or more random colors. * One or more random TTF fonts. * Random rotation. * Custom background color or image. * Transparent background with anti-alias of string. * Hardcoded or variable (liquid) dimentions of the image. * Colors can be filled as HEX or as RGB values. * String/code type can be only numbers, only letters or both. * Backend by session or server disk space.
Password Protection is a PHP/MySQL application which allows you to easily block access to selected files. You simply add one line of code to each of the files you wish to protect and the system takes care of the rest. Also, Password Protection comes with a fully-functional administration panel which allows you to administer your user and admin accounts.
This anti flood code will add a piece of text code on the login form and user will have to copy into a text field the process can not be done if the code is wrong and it produce new security code when come back.

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