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Server Management related scripts & softwares
Site Uptime Enterprise is a ready to run uptime website monitoring solution that allows you to offer membership services that monitors your members web sites as well as POP3 email server, FTP protocols, SSL and all custom ports 24/7. Members will get notified either via email or SMS whenever a downtime occurs. With our paypal integrated system, member can simply upgrade their account anytime to enjoy premium web monitoring services. Site Uptime also provides real-time statistics as well as a summary of your members uptime. Visual representations such as bar charts and graphical pies are include in our software for a quick overview. Members can also opt to receive monthly reports of their websites.
Are your bandwidth peaks costing you extra money and headaches? Put a stop to all that with Bandwidth manager. How it works? As soon as someone on your website downloads a file, bandwidth manager takes control. As long as your bandwidth settings allow more downloads to be started, he will be served the file at the preset speed. Features: easy install, managing and easily integrated into your website, set maximum bandwidth, set simultaneous downloads, set download speed, extensive log reports, seperate settings for members and guests, view all ips used by members, for bandwidth capping and managing are no extra apache modules required.
Display the environment variables for GET, POST, COOKIE and SESSION. Simple code to display all values.
A PHP powered server hardware proformance monitoring application, fully skinable, Multi Language support, Configuration file to enable advanced features such as auto refresh stats, a custom navigation link, disable/enable web server stats. Application does NOT reqiure a MySQL Database. A great free application with excelent free support from our forums on our website.
SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their subdomains etc. The project was founded in autumn 2003 by Florian Lippert and was published on June, 15th 2004 under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). SysCP is developed for use with Debian, but with some modifications it should run on every server system. Features: Customer Interface: managing email accounts with catchall-function managing email forwarders managing subdomains managing mysql databases managing additional ftp account managing of passwords managing password protections for directories managing path options for example directorylisting and own error-documents access to webmail(if installed) access to PHPmyAdmin(if installed) language preference (german, english, french, catalan, chinese, spanish, portuguese)
PHP Explorer is a server side file explorer for server and also PC. It include the function of executing php script and files download from server or PC. Please read the readme before using it. Author is not resposible for any damage cause by this software.
Another great quality script made by AtomicOxide, this script gets and displays the current stream information from SHOUTcast streams. It displays the current song, the current DJ, and much, much, more. Simple to use, and simple to set up.
This little script will help you to test the network connection speed. Can be used for different packets for example 100kb, 512kb, 1024kb and 5000kb. Coded in PHP
Scans server ports and returns an XML document of their status.
This class can be used to manage hosting accounts controlled by the DirectAdmin Web panel. It connects to a DirectAdmin panel Web server and can send commands to perform several types of account management actions. Currently it can: - Create and modify accounts - Manage account e-mail addresses - Create databases - Take backups - Retrieve the list of available backups - Retrieve account usage statistics of disk space, bandwidth, FTP and databases

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