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Site Navigation related scripts & softwares
Include the PHP TreeView classes and you can make your own REAL-TIME tree menus. Build a whole site WITHOUT PAGE RELOADS. Retrieve selected node(s) as php objects. The script is very dynamic with interchangeable design. It behaves like an ordinary JavaScript TreeView with real-time update but it?s developed with PHP/Ajax (xajax). Features: Use your own image on every node. Link to internal/external urls. Each node can have it?s own http string data. Cross browser compability. Optional checkboxes. Optional radiobuttons. Easy to add and remove nodes. Use your own Style Sheet. Hide root node. Add endless number of nodes. Really useful when showing Site Maps.
A simple, yet powerful method to help show your visitor their location within your sites structure
phpMyMenu is a great PHP file that makes a menu out of a XML file. Everything is 100% custimizeable
The page navigation (pagination) of lists with records from a (MySQL) database is often used on a lot of dynamic websites. This class is extremely easy to use in your existing application: just use your own SQL statement and voila you get information like the result set (you need this for later output, page navigation links and the (current) number of records. While using this class all other query string parts are included inside the page links. An example database table (with data) is included. New in Version 1.03: There is a new variable $max_rows, this variable is used to limit the maximum of results during a query. That will say if there are more rows then the number of $max_rows only the last one will show up. Use the new variable $outstanding_rows if you need to inform the user about that.
Its a simple directory listing script which lets you to browse for folder contents. Integrated file and folder icons are in one PHP file.
This is a simple script for people who want drop down menu on their website but dont have any programming knowledge.
This file illustrates the way to include navigation dynamically to streamline your efficiency when updating your website. The code shows how to include navigation both with a text-based navigation and an image-based navigation. The code also includes a focus on XHTML and CSS compliance to W3C standards.
Lists the contents of the directory its in. Also useful if directory listing is denied.
Produces a Sitemap of a webserver file and directory structure. An Explorer-like tree-layout provides links to the individual folders and files. The script is lightweight and highly configurable. The size of files can be displayed, and both directories and files can be filtered.
This is a demo of a model for pagination that differs from others. It has many features that distinguish it from other methodologies, not the least of which is multiple selection of items in the pages. Another feature is that it does not suffer the limitations of html requests lengths, since it uses sessions. Also, it does not go to the database well for each page. Typically, for a given set of access parameters, it only accesses the database once, caching away the results in a session variable. Paging is thus more fluid. It also uses HTML form submit buttons, in conjunction with a select for page jumps, to page through the document as opposed to hyperlinks. This makes for cleaner code in general.

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