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Omnistar Tell is a dynamic contact software that allows you to insert a "Tell A Friend" link into any of your web pages for users to click. Omnistar Tell is easy to use and includes a simple administrative area which you can use to edit the look of the "Tell A Friend" popup window and the e-mail messages the recipients will see.
Ever wondered how much your visitors can help you in getting more visitors to your website? Kmita Tell Friend is an easy to use website recommendation script which hardly costs you anything compared to the additional traffic you receive on your website. Available is PHP and ASP and it gets working within 10 mins.
Script that sends a the current page to a friends email excluding the form where email addresses are added. Just Read the readme.txt
Start an Instant Affiliate Directory with with easy to clean style design php Website Script.
Paksofts tell a friend is a script which u can use in your website to tell a friend function this script has lot of features like IP address,User agent,referar,name of form submitter,send messege to multiple friends,email address of form submitter and the messege which has been sended by user to his/her friend.This script is fully customizable you can edit the form as your needs.I hope you enjoy this script.
This is a fully built instant gmail inviter. View the real version demo on ogle/ . Users cannot spam, bacause this version includes a 1 invite per ip inviter. Has tons more and an admin panel to view and add invites!
This is a simple send page to friend, it has spam protection. I have seen many of these types of scripts that allow the user to add their message, doing so allows persons to use your account to spam other people. So this script is more secure than most.
This free php script allows your web site visitors to easily recommend your web site to their friends and family. This is a simple, free way to get free expsoure and traffic to your web site. One of the main features is that after successfully completing your Tell a Friend form, the visitor is automatically redirected to a web page that you set. You can redirect them to your home page, to a page selling your product or service, an affiliate product, or any web site you want. You?ll receive detailed step-by-step installation instructions to help get your Tell a Friend section up and running quickly.
Simple and easy to customize Tell A Friend Script. A must have for every webmaster to gain more visitors.
This is a great script that you may need to add to your site it is the best script of it?s kind I have ever seen . It allow you visitors to send email to there friends inviting them to your site its fully integratable in any website and you can customuze it your way . Please read readme.txt inside the package All what it needs a php supported server

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