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Text Processing related scripts & softwares
A majority of people on the Internet are searching for local results. Its time to capitalize on those searches. GEO GENERATOR is a simple PHP program that allows you to match your product or service with over 30,000 US cities and states. Lets say you are a florist in your city and state. With GEO GENERATOR you can create a 30,000+ keyword list to attract customers outside of your area. Our program asks you for your keyword and within seconds you have a text file of all US cities and states along with your keyword. See an example below. Example Output: New York Florist Florist New York Manhattan Florist Florist Manhattan And so on...
This script er function will insert random invisible character inbetween words you provide. When displayed on browser, user will read the text with no problem. But if you tried to copy-paste the text, the invisible text will be included. have fun!
This uses Googles translation tool to translate pages, which then translates the whole site. Languages that are available are: German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and English (to revert). Google isnt shown anywhere, just select language and translate.
Replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string in files matching specified mask. You may meed this tool to replace your Google AdSense Id or some affiliate code in all files on the server.
Ever needed to break/split text into sentences? PHP Text Splitter will help you to get it done. Works good enough with abbreviations. Custom sentences separator.
Reduce long text to a custom limit without cutting words, usefull for product short descriptions on shopping carts or articles previews on news and forums and much more
With File Encoder you can turn a text file by a character set into the one represented by another character set. You can display the converted file or download it. It contains a main converter function and an html framework site to make online conversions.
Just wrote this tool, to allow instant transformation of data into following formats: base64 encode decode, urlencode decode, md5 and sha1 hashing, rot13, addslashes and htmlentities. Really cool to select all, then compare these encodings side by side. This tool can be used to decode URLs, encode base64 for tricky characters or decode for checking mail (mime) content. Also for performing md5s, sha1 hashing, etc.
ini_manager is a PHP class performing full management of plain text initialization files (.ini): entries search, deletion, addition, change and retrieval as well as entire keys deletion.
This class can be used to automatically extract key phrases to summarize an given Arabic text. The class can parse a long Arabic text and use stemming and ranking algorithms to identify which can the be the most important keywords than can be used to summarize the text. It can also mark the text to highlight the keywords along the given text for presentation in an HTML page.

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