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evoTopsites offers 15 methods of ranking sites, unlimited categories, mailing list, template system, inactivity monitor, sites can have multiple banners, users can have multiple sites, permission system, languange pack, trend recording, comments, dynamic and static buttons, user validation, powerful search, and much more! evoTopsites Pro brings in advanced caching to handle more than 10,000,000 hits a day!
A great topsites list thats easy to install and setup. Has some great features like themes you can add edit or delete your own themes,languages. It also allows add edit and delete admins, websites and much much more.
Aardvark Topsites PHP is the premier free PHP/MySQL topsites script. Aardvark Topsites PHP has all the features you will ever need. Members ranks can be shown on their button. There are 6 different ranking methods, including pageviews. Powerful anticheating protection is included. It supports categories. You can use up/down/neutral arrows. The admin allows you to approve new members, edit existing members, delete bad members, and much more. Google-friendly links give sites more incentive to join. Its free, so download it and try it today.
Easy Installation - Flat file system (no database needed) - Track and Display the desired number of sites that link to your site, aka. Top Sites. For example: You can choose to display the top 5, top 10 or even all sites that users have come to your site from.
phpFaber TopSites is a feature-packed, reliable and secure Top List coded in PHP and mySQL. Our feature list is large, including all elements you need to easily maintain your list, and even make money of it. phpFaber TopSites includes what you expect from a TopList and much more. It is fully customizable and doesnt require any programming skills! Skin, language and forms can be updated easily! You can create your top site just in 3 clicks!
Includes detailed stats of every trade and all traffic. Automatic toplist wich reset every 24 hours. Simple admin interface and it is easy to set it up. Excellent for TGP/CJ -sites. Go to Products page on our site and select "Free stuff" to download WAYS - Trader
TOPo is a free TOP sites system written in PHP that works without SQL database. Specially designed for web sites hosted in web servers that do not offer a MySQL support. Features: Triple anti-cheating system, Build-in rating system, Build-in review system, Complete control panel, Auto deletion of idle sites, Easy insertion of ad-banners, Stats info with graphics, Theme support, Categories, Multipage, Lost password recovery for members, Easy to install and configure, Multi-language support and much more...
Alchemic Topsites is a topsites script thats easy to use and customize. Its mostly skinable, and by the first final version, will be fully skinable. (currently only error messages are hard coded) It supports -Anti-Cheating -In and out counting -Editing by users -User requested deletion -Optional manual approval of sites -an admin panel -multiple admins and more
GB Top-Directory is the system for traffic exchange and (or) link exchange for web and wap. You can use it for creation of TopList, or Directory, or Links Page for your site, or even complex resource for traffic-link exchange like TopList+Directory+CJ. You can easily integrate the script in your php-portal. Written in PHP without using MySQL and very quick. Easily set up and running in minute. Autogeneration of SE-optimized categories pages - forget about manual html-editing. Intellectual anticheat algorithms - no chances to cheaters. Search-engine friendly listings for top members. Traffic filtering by country, browser language, proxy, robots etc. Detailed stats for each site. Directory functions with backlink & backwards checkers. Included CJ-functions. Simple search script with integrated pay-per-click results can give you some cash (option).
PHP TopSites is a PHP/MySQL-based customizable TopList script. Main features include: Easy configuration config file; MySQL database backend; unlimited categories, Site rating on incoming votes; Special Rating from Webmaster; anti-cheating gateway; Random link; Lost password function; Webmaster Site-approval; Edit site; ProcessingTime display; Cookies Anti-Cheating; Site Reviews; Linux Cron Free; Frame Protection,NewIcon for new entries ,ProcessingTime display and much more.

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