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User Authentication related scripts & softwares
aMember is a flexible membership software with full-featured subscription management. It has support for PayPal, 2Checkout, ccBill, Clickbank,, WorldPay, LinkPoint, NoChex and other payment systems (50+ payment systems currently supported), and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. It offers unique protection methods to setup HTML login forms (no annoying login popups!) for any type of content. aMember Pro can be used without any payment system - you can manage users manually. It allows you to create different subscription types with different prices, periods and access permissions. Integrated with Joomla, vBulletin, InvisionBoard and 50+ other third-party scripts. Free trial available, free installation and initial configuration is included into the product price.
PHP Membership Manager is a browser based MySQL tool which allows a site owner to easily manage an unlimited number of username / password accounts and groups which access unlimited secure, protected files & folders of a web site which require logging in before accessing. Feature packed with a clean, organized, easy to navigate interface for users and administrator makes creating, managing and administrating your online membership program a simple task. Accept buy now / subscription payments via paypal Instant Payment Notification. No longer requires you to use an htaccess login prompt / window. Try our online demo.
With this program you will be able to protect directories, create login area within minutes. Only registered users, members gain access to the protected area. Program combines visual directories password protection, member management, total user access management. It consists of two parts: web based admin control panel and user area (adaptive forms and modules); supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. Self-installing software - no programming skills, no authentication or php knowledge required ? take, set it up and launch at once. One click on the folder - directory will be protected and protected area created. Your web site is ready to register and authenticate users. Program provides control panel with your directories tree image. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management ? activation and diactivation, user account management, modifying of program settings.
We are proud to list the top 10 reasons that have made us the world?s most trusted password-protection and user-management software: #10:100% PHP open source! #9:Phone support! #8:Live chat support! #7:Free lifetime upgrades! #6: 30-day warranty! #5: Instant download! #4:Dedicated real-time, tech-direct support! #3:Host compatibility check! #2: Create instant subscription logins, Instant folder protection, Custom scripting, Web page customization, Multiple domain rights, Mirrored site installation, Integration with Paypal, ClickBank, AuthNet, CCBill, PHPBB, Mambo, Joomla and #1: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Omni: When it has to be protected and managed right the first time. Now available in the world?s 8 most popular languages. FREE installation and Weekly Giveaway copy of our $497 OSS Deluxe model!
First offered over five years ago, Password Protector by Ascad Networks is the oldest and most reliable website security software currently available on Hotscripts. Designed to easily secure website content, manage members, and offer digital subscriptions, Password Protector SD boasts an unmatched list of features that consistently make it the top-rated website-security program. With an easy learning curve and the best support team on the web, your mind will rest at ease knowing that ppSD is securing your website. NOTABLE FEATURES - Free installation + compatibility testing! - Industry-standard mod_rewite/htaccess security technologies. - Integrates into any website (template based) - Protect unlimited files of any types spread into multiple secure areas ("Groups") - Assign users to multiple secure areas. - Manage unlimited registration forms, including multi-page registration forms. - Prevent password-sharing-abuse with the powerful "TrackStat" feature. - Find out more today!
This Members are script is the simple solution for anyone wnating to have a members area on their website. It does require php and mysql but is quite simple to setup. It can be implemented into as many pages as nessecary and has defensive techniques implemented (including delays) to stop hacking attempts. It is also protected from MYSQL_Injection attacks. Try it out now. Features include email activation, password encryption, Individual Page Securing!
With the unique Tribulant Login Script v1.0 you now have the ability to protect pages on your website from unauthorized access. If a user is not logged in, the user will be redirected to a secure login form in order to login with a username and a password. In this first release of the login script, there are many useful features, though we will be improving and further developing the features of this script as we move along. Right now this script uses PHP sessions to identify the login status of a user on your site. A PHP session is only valid for as long as the browser window is open, or for as long as sessions are set to timeout in your PHP configuration. A PHP session timeout could be 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc... depending on your PHP configuration on your server. This script will soon support cookies as well.
X-Protection is a secure login script for your website. It can even be implemented into an existing database. The script supports userlevels which enable you to control what type of user can access your pages. Sessions are also used to store login information securely on your server so attackers cannot reach it. Hashing of passwords is also used in the script to ensure that the users anonymity remains. The login page is also 100% completely customisable. Installing is simple, just copy a small single line of code to the top of the pages you wish to protect.
Password protect your web pages by just adding one line of PHP code. Visitor will not have to re-login to each protected page if one has cookies enabled.
phpMyID is a small, fairly lightweight, standalone, single user Identity Provider for OpenID authentication. It comprises a single PHP script that can be used by one individual to run their own personal OpenID "IdP."

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