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User Management related scripts & softwares
We are proud to list the top 10 reasons that have made us the world?s most trusted password-protection and user-management software: #10:100% PHP open source! #9:Phone support! #8:Live chat support! #7:Free lifetime upgrades! #6: 30-day warranty! #5: Instant download! #4:Dedicated real-time, tech-direct support! #3:Host compatibility check! #2: Create instant subscription logins, Instant folder protection, Custom scripting, Web page customization, Multiple domain rights, Mirrored site installation, Integration with Paypal, ClickBank, AuthNet, CCBill, PHPBB, Mambo, Joomla and #1: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Omni: When it has to be protected and managed right the first time. Now available in the world?s 8 most popular languages. FREE installation and Weekly Giveaway copy of our $497 OSS Deluxe model!
aMember is a flexible membership software with full-featured subscription management. It has support for PayPal, 2Checkout, ccBill, Clickbank,, WorldPay, LinkPoint, NoChex and other payment systems (50+ payment systems currently supported), and allows you to setup paid-membership areas on your site. It offers unique protection methods to setup HTML login forms (no annoying login popups!) for any type of content. aMember Pro can be used without any payment system - you can manage users manually. It allows you to create different subscription types with different prices, periods and access permissions. Integrated with Joomla, vBulletin, InvisionBoard and 50+ other third-party scripts. Free trial available, free installation and initial configuration is included into the product price.
First offered over five years ago, Password Protector by Ascad Networks is the oldest and most reliable website security software currently available on Hotscripts. Designed to easily secure website content, manage members, and offer digital subscriptions, Password Protector SD boasts an unmatched list of features that consistently make it the top-rated website-security program. With an easy learning curve and the best support team on the web, your mind will rest at ease knowing that ppSD is securing your website. NOTABLE FEATURES - Free installation + compatibility testing! - Industry-standard mod_rewite/htaccess security technologies. - Integrates into any website (template based) - Protect unlimited files of any types spread into multiple secure areas ("Groups") - Assign users to multiple secure areas. - Manage unlimited registration forms, including multi-page registration forms. - Prevent password-sharing-abuse with the powerful "TrackStat" feature. - Find out more today!
Session variables allow web developers to store visitor information by setting a variable that is accessible to the application for the duration of a web visitor his/her session. Unless specified otherwise, session variables expire 20 minutes after a visitor leaves the site.
Ban an ip from your site easily and cleanly using PHP. Customisable on what pages are banned.
This is a basic PHP and MySQL user login system. It has the following features: *One click install *Unlimited members *Banning *Login/Logout *Image Verification (new) *Custom fonts for image verification (new) *Multiple Templates *Different languages *Easy Template Install *Easy Language Install This is the newest release since 2.0.0. Completely redone with more security and functionality, and the user edit error has been fixed. You can download it in ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, or Cabinet formats.
A very simple and easy to unserstand Users Login System (with remember me option) based on PHP/MYSQL. It includes a registration form, login form and forgot password form, edit information and an admin page to manage the users and admins.
PHP Advance User Management is build on the latest PHP 5.0 platform and contains cutting edge features without the hassle of any open source databases like MYSQL. Its is designed using default php.ini configurations so that it runs smoothly on any php enabled webspace.A Stable, Secure and Fast product all without MYSQL. Some of its cool features are as follow: ? Built on latest version. ? No external database required. ? Secure and encrypted storage. ? Personal Messaging system. ? Display Picture. ? Post user registration editing. ? Protect unlimited pages at the same time. ? Sessions based Login/Logout. ? Easy to use and fully customizable. ? Open Source.
Flexcustomer is a simple and free users management module. Users can register, edit their information and password or find their lost password.Administor can search, delete or browse users information. This program is easy to be internationalized.Friendl y interface and install system is available. Low price customization service is provided.Fixed for problems when sever is set to "global off".
Ivis Member Management is a PHP/MySQL user management prodram very easily integratable in any web site and any php apllication. It uses cookies to keep track of visitors so variables such as name, email or user id are accesible thruout the web site.

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