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php-residence is designed to manage weekly or daily rental of house apartments or hotel rooms. It uses a PostgreSQL or MySQL database on backend. Reservations can be assigned to an apartment automatically with user defined rules. Templates of forms to check availability for internet sites can be created. Multi-user with privileges system.
BugHotel is a full-featured online booking system to an existing or new website with no technical expertise required. It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations. In addition, BugHotel Reservation System will automatically check and charge deposits on credit cards without any hotel staff intervention. You control how many rooms are available through your website, all without losing those rooms from your general availability.
PHP Point Of Sale is designed to help small businesss with keeping track of customers, items, inventory, and generate reports based on sales. New Features/Fixes: PHP Point Of Sale 9.1 offers improved searching for customers and items and 3 new date range reports. Many minor bug fixes have also been included. This upgrade is recommended for all!
AssetMan is an Intranet material management application. You can create, edit and print purchase orders and invoices and maintain a database of your capital assets for tracking purposes. A computer support department might use AssetMan to track computer equipment by purchase info, location, warranty details etc. Assetman can also be used by the accounting or purchasing department to track vendors and generate, edit and issue purchase orders. PO status can be updated when purchases are received. You can also generate, edit and issue invoices for customer billing or inter-departmental cost recovery. AssetMan can print POs and invoices directly to a laser printer or generate PDF format versions for download or email. Developed and tested on Linux/Apache. Tested on Win32/IIS and Apache. Tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
Sorry but it supports only Turkish for now. You drop announcements to sell your used things for a limited time. No need to be a member. But we have an admin panel. People can upload picture of the thing. Mail and other good programming things you will find.
FreeB is the worlds first and only GPL Medical Bill Formatting Engine. FreeB2 is a third-generation billing engine, it is capable of interfacing with any Practice Management System or Electronic Medical Record to provide the capability to generate medical bills. The current formats include HCFA 1500 paper and X12 837p electronic billing. However other formats including UB-92 and X12 837i can be created without reprogramming FreeB. FreeB2 has unique features not found in other billing engines.
A new generation of medical software designed by clinics and hospitals and powered by Open Source software. For years doctors and clinics have been subject to mediocre software, sometimes unscrupulous vendors, high pressure sales tactics and lackluster customer service. ClearHealth changes all that. Industry leading software engineers here at Uversa sat down and listened to your needs and and developed a suite of software that serves the medical community like never before. ClearHealth covers the five major area of practice operations including scheduling, billing, EMR, HIPAA Security and accounts receivable. Each set of capabilities has been painstakingly researched and devised with useability experts to make it quick to learn and powerful to use. Great functionality is around every corner. ClearHealth includes additional modules for document storage, customizable reporting/forms, lab results and prescription management.
With PayPal, NEW Hotels with Icons NEW, multilingual, modular and is in all areas configurable. Every word can be changed and translated, ready made Modules: Flight, Hotels, Travels, Summer Specials, Cruises, Special, Rent Cars, Trains/Tickets, Wellness, Apartments / Houses(Rent/Sale),Guides, Interpreter, Embassies, Boats, Trucks, Caravans and more..... Agency Modules, Agencies can upload their offers. - Bookings send by Email and SMS to the site owner. - Layout can be designed. - The language German, English, Russian, Spanish and French is integrated, new languages can be add online. - Newsletter to Clients and Agencies - Modules can be activated or deactivated - Database Backup, manual and automatic - Sms Sender - Newsletter Sender - Free Text Edit to all Sites - Banner administration: on Top, Bootom,Left,Right - Special Offers Display - Counter for actual offers and visitors - and more .... Demo on the Domain http://www.lastminute.kie
Give the possibility to your customers to book online in real time !!! our system is one of the more powerfull of the market, at a very competitive price. Complete solution, with personalized design for an imcomparable professional result ! Hotel and Operator version, entirely customizable to your needs. Our portal or "Operator" version, open the way one more possibilities : muti destination, lodging type, flight, extras, affiliate/reseller program, to have the best cover as possible on the net, and more revenue, for an initial atrractive cost.
CostaPacific Realty Version 1.1 is an income-generating Real Estate Listing Software with the ability to charge listers. Perfect for Real Estate Agencies, Private Agents or City & Community Websites. Not only can you use it to publish your own listings, it has a complete member system so other agents can list as well. It inludes a great admin area, banner advertising and membership fee collection via multiple gateways already set up. Add featured properties, open house dates, allow agents to get email alerts of searches and more. You can use the script stand alone or included in your existing website.

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