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WAP and WML related scripts & softwares
This is a multi redirection script that will detect if a browser can accept html, wml, or both. The theory behind this is simple: if the browser accepts only html it is more than likely to be a web browser, if the browser accepts only wml it must be a wap 1.0 device, if it accepts html and wml it is more than likely a wap 2.0 device/pda/symbian/smartp hone, and if its none of the above.. Mmm maybe its a bot script or a hacking attempt?
The Wap Uploader is the smallest mobile content uploader on the web yet. This software package is easy to intergrate into any webpage running HTML or PHP. The script uses 1 MySql Database to store all the codes in and once the file is downloaded, the code is deleted from the database and your web server. So there is no worries about other people junk cluttering up your server. Once the user uploads a file to the database a code is given to the user to access it via his/her phone and then once the code is entered the content is then downloaded to his/her mobile phone. This script is really simple, so enjoy.
Great Wap Chat script, easy in use and simple in installation. Features: advanced who is online list (with username + mobile device + gender + age), cool emoicons, antiflood, you can change the timezone, bad words filter, language file, translit function, multiple chatrooms, no registration, flatfile database, server friendly and more....
Free wap claculator with everything you want.Sine,cos,tan,square root and many other functions.Hytotenuse calclator and area calculator for amny polygons.
Wap Redirect is a small script written in PHP. The aim of Wap Redirect is to detect the browser , either a normal PC Browser or a wml Browser on a mobile. After detecting the browser the script redirects the user to either of two links. To a HTML page or to a WML page. In case you want to host both HTML & WAP content but dont want to provide different links, then Wap Redirect comes in handy. All the users will need to enter the same url (HTML or WML) and then they will be detected & then finally redirected to specific locations. Wap Redirect can detect a wide variety of browsers , even some of the rarest ones (browser of BeOs & more) without fail. It also successfully detects Wap Emulator & takes the user to the wap site.
This is indonesian wap chat open source script. Can be used for personal or even corporate. Admin can create room, advertisement (banner text), send message to public or privat, multiple language, need registered user to chat. Using PHP & MySQL database.
Hello ! This is wap based guestbook. It has same features as a normal web based guestbook. It contains three main fields - name, email and comments, and optional fields - homepage url, site rating.. It stores all the information in MySQL database.. So there will be NO web-space utilised further. It has in-built censor word, email-validater, url-validater functions. Also user can view results either by ASC or DESC order. And ITS FREE !! So dont wait now ! Enhance your wap-site with guestbook !!
Get your e-mail anywhere you go. With Momail you can simply read your mail from any mail-server on any wap enabled device. A single file does it all. Some features are: multiple number of providers, IMAP and POP3 both secure and non-secure, any wap 1.0 enabled device (this includes even the earliest wap-enabled mobile telephones), virtually any message type (text / html or multipart) and character encoding can be read. Visit our website for more information and support. To use Momail you will need a webserver that supports PHP and the IMAP-extension (which are both quite common nowadays). New: since release 5 you can also write new e-mail using Momail!
The mobile server status script will allow you to view the status of various services on various servers (if needed). It has been tested on a linux/cpanel server, PHP 4.1.13 and with all default ports for each of the services. If a service runs on a different port, you can easily amend it. It supports an unlimited amount of servers and is completely free.
WapCoMail PRO software is written only in Php, easy to install on every web server and it is used to open e-mail boxes from mobile phones with WAP. With PRO version you can open emails from all emails folders, compose new messages, delete emails or even move them from a folder to another and modify those folders.

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