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Web Search related scripts & softwares
CommonSense Search allows you to run a very profitable AdSense search engine, with your own niche keywords. AdSense ads are blended with search results, which results in very high click rate (CTR is usually over 20%!) and unprecedenced earnings. Apart from Web search results in AdSense, the script displays also Amazon, Ebay and ClickBank search results, allowing you to increase your earnings even further. If you want to start a profitable and unique website, this script is all you need!
K-Search is very fast and highly customizable meta-search engine. It queries Google, AltaVista, MSN, Inktomi, FAST, Teoma, LookSmart and dmoz simultaneously and uses effective algorithm to determine the finest results. The script contains a built-in PPC (Pay Per Click) system that allows sponsors to place their paid results for specified keywords (payment integration with PayPal and 2CheckOut). Search results can be cached in database to speed up popular searches. Search queries are logged to offer search suggestions. Advanced search. User search preferences. Multilanguage ready - can be translated through language file.
This free Google website search script is easy to install, free to use, and offers all the robust local web site search features of popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. The free PHP Google site search is appropriate for all PHP enabled web servers (Linux, UNIX or windows-based servers). This search script is perfect for small to medium sized websites. The major features include search spelling suggestion, paged results, easy to modify template pages, 26 supported languages, and native support for English and French. The entire script is fully customizable and open-source. The script also comes with developer support through our online support forum. It takes less than 5 minutes to upload and install and only requires modifying 2 variables!
The ajaxWS is a PHP-JS widget which allows to make an asynchronous web search (actually with MSN and YAHOO. You can easily customize the search via CSS to suite the design of your website The search box is dynamically opened via javascript and is draggable.
This is just a basic WEB search engine, like google but not powered by Google. You can limit it to your site in the config file and if using web search you can limit sites from your search engine {eg remove spam sites, or another site offering what you offer} Like the last script it is pretty much drop and ready. No install needed, and if you want to change stuff check config.php. It uses very little bandwidth and you are free to add Google adsense.
Give this class the contents of a robots.txt file or the URL to it and it will parse it for you. As an option you can give it the name or your robot/spider/crawler and it will return only the section that applies to your case. Works through proxies with the help of Snoopy (see script for more details).
Browse the web and view the Google Page Rank next to links and urls. No toolbar needed. This tool is dedicated to webmasters and search engine optimizers. Find quickly which websites and pages have high rankings.
You can search inside you page or in the whole Internet.The results page is configurable. You can show your site header and costumize the colors.This block is developed for PHPNuke sites.
PGID (Php Google Image Downloader) searches, downloads and saves on your hard disk the images from web for a specified keyword.
I created this block for those webmasters who want their visitors coming back. based on experience visitors prefer websites with large and popular search engine features unlike most websites that use small and most likely forgettable google search features. with this center block your website is most likely to be homepaged by visitors because most internet surfers prefer a search engine as their homepage and with this center block your website will have illusion of a search engine homepage.

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