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Now with language packs! This wiki is great for documenting, describing or showing things. There is a fast built in rich text editor (wysiwyg) that allows you to create and edit pages like you would in a word processor (bold, italic, underline buttons etc.) There is also the option to turn off public account creation and allow only certain people to edit/create pages. Searching is fast and includes the last modified timestamp as well as who made the change. Now includes custom RSS feeds, a complete revision / reverting system, and themes. The install is fast and easy, and the wiki looks great!
Publicist is a free web server software, created for web papers, that allows groups of people to write and publish together on the web (i.e. schools or single classes, clubs, or other groups who wish to express themselves). The purpose of this project was to create an easy-to-use (i.e. no HTML), ?self-administrative? software. The software will allow publications to have the look and feel of a professional journalistic paper, and to give editorial staff the possibility of planning future publications (i.e. issues and the articles will appear and disappear automatically according to a fixed schedule). Features: Self-registration of users (incl. password reminders); administration with different user privilege levels; photo upload and automatic resize; text input with automatic and manual formatting (newspaper standards); wiki-formating (option); RSS and RSS aggregator; PHP 4.4 or 5.1, MySQL. Now translated into both Swedish and English (separate language files).
Minki Wiki is a minimal wiki (hence the name) aimed at achieving a balance of simplicity, flexibility and useful features. One of Minki Wikis biggest strengths is its selection of text parsing markup, which is the heart and soul of Minki. Also worthy of mention is its file change comparison and export format options. Latest versions include: ========== * Search mechanism to find keywords within pages * RSS feed that highlights changes as they occur * MinkiSearch allows you to create your own quick access to your favorite search engines. * Files can be individually password protected by anyone (though admin is granted over-ride) * difference-highlighter for changed pages, enhanced file comparison allowing you to compare the current version to any previous version saved
Wikepage is a wiki-standart, easy to use and small wiki - blog hybrid software with multilanguage site support, css support, i18n support, simple banner system, rss output support, theme support, upload support...etc...which does NOT require a MySQL database. Its a only 32K file. Wikepage is a wiki - blog engine which can be used with password or without. So wikepage can be used to develop both personal sites(password protected mode) and wiki-community sites.
WikkaWiki is a lightweight and flexible wiki engine allowing easy management of Websites, in particular collective Web-based projects: it provides an intuitive interface for modifying page content, tracking and comparing revisions made by single users, and setting user access privileges. It features W3 compliant XHTML and CSS output, several text formatting options, categories, a GUI for editing pages, support for images, tables, Flash objects, RSS feeds, FreeMind maps, advanced Access Control List management, referrers management, advanced syntax highlighting through GeSHi, and text search functions. Designed for easy customizability, it aims at keeping its core as light as possible while maintaining an architecture that supports extensibility through plugin modules.
WikyBlog is a PHP/MySQL CMS designed with the already well known MediaWiki syntax and an AJAX enhanced tabbed interface for supported browsers. UTF8 support for multilanguage abilities, integrated custom template editing, file upload, a flexible user-privilege system and Google Maps integration count among the many other features.
LabWiki is a simple, XHTML/CSS standard-compliant, wiki software written in PHP. It uses plain text files for storing data (instead of a database such as MySQL). The wiki is easy to setup, use and customize. Among its features are auto-backups of previous versions of a page, backup trimming, restoring from backups, IP-based and/or login-based editing restriction, password protection of pages, etc. It is derived from the QwikiWiki software of David Barrett.
This Wiki requires PHP 4.2 and supports register_globals=off. A Wiki is a collaboration / community tool allowing a group of authors to create a linked network of HTML pages. The PWP Wiki Processor is a simple Wiki wich does not require a database and supports the upload of files. PWP might be used for creating a documentation, as a kind of simple board or forum and, obviously, as a Wiki system. With its cabability to export the contents as static HTML pages, PWP can also act as simple Content Management System. It now provides a diff, copy, rename, reports andstatistics. PWP doesnt support any kind of user management; its concept neglects the aspect of page ownership. The installation is quite simple, just download and run it within the next few minutes.
Sitellite Collaboration Server is a Wiki-based collaboration server. It has a multi-user editing environment for site content using simple markup or an optional WYSIWYG interface. Includes full content versioning with history views and restore capabilities, and master admin screens to manage users and settings. Pages can also be sectioned to create simple hierarchies and page grouping. It is fully template-driven, and the interface can be extended using a simple box API and PHP code.
Sinapse Lite is an ultra-small wiki package that uses MySQL as a backend. This powerful system allows for users to modify existing posts or create new ones, with a unique BB-code-esque system, such as using [mark="name"] to mark a location and [goto="name"]Go here[/goto] to go to the named mark, and also allows for linking to other topics by encasing them in brackets. There is also a great revision system that compares changes to previous revisions by percent so you can tell if someone had abused the topic and replaced more than they should have. It is possible to load these revisions. This script was developed by Scott Fitzhugh. Please visit the site to see a demo of this awesome application.

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