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XML and PHP related scripts & softwares
Fedafi is a web based application that you can easily install on your web site using a really simple web based installer. Also available ready installed. Fedafi allows you to easily creat RSS feeds and iTunes compatible podcast feeds using the simple web based RSS generator. You can create, manage, market and track your own unlimited number of RSS feeds all on your own domain name. Create password protected feeds, podcast feeds and RSS 2.0 feeds. You can even use Stream Distribution to track external RSS feeds. Track statistics for RSS feeds including total hits, unique hits, clicks on article links and links within articles. For Podcasts and external feeds you can track total hits and unique hits. You can choose to publicize articles you add to feeds by automatically pinging major blog search engines including Technorati, and
A simple and easy to use script designed to allow shared RSS feeds from other websites that offer RSS / XML content, such as MSN, Yahoo!, and even google. Can be used with or without a MySQL database, depending on the configuration settings defined by the user. Also includes a news feed cache function.
ZebraFeeds is a web-based RSS/ATOM aggregator. With ZebraFeeds, you can aggregate news from your subscribed newsfeeds into one or more pages. ZebraFeeds can be integrated on your web site or your blog with minimal efforts and high level of customization. You can also use ZebraFeeds as personal web-based news aggregator, with reasonably convenient user interface, inspired from what modern aggregators feature. You have a personal web space ? Why not adding a news aggregator that allows you to read your news from any web browser, wherever you are connected? ZebraFeeds is released under the GPL.
RSSMini 1.3 is the newest version of RSSMini. RSSMini 1.3 has many changes such as new template, less files and better index feed. RSSMini 1.3 makes 9 page minisites, Home, News, Photos, Blogs, Articles, Videos, Digg, Shop and Links. With the newest version your minisite will have a look as a normal website. All content is via RSS and automated. The automated content will make search engines to crawl your website more frequently. It takes less than a minute to install the script. This script doesnt use any databases! All you need is PHP! There are 11 .php files in the script, you just need to update one with the keyword, title and change the design if you want to. Then simply add your ads! Theres only a small links back to us at the bottom. For future use you can replace the design and update the ads so you can add mini sites in seconds! Theres no more needs to use parking programs as from now on you can display automated content minisites with ads in few seconds!
Current stats enabled are: Current song, last 5 songs, current listeners & the ability to add all xml stats available in shoutcast. This script can also act as api to perform multiple tasks.
IvisRSS is an XML-based RSS parser in PHP. It parses news RSS feeds and other RSS feeds. It uses cache files (optional) to save xml feeds so as not to strain server bandwith and MySQL database news storage (optional) to better organise content. It can be run on any php enabled server with or without MySQL.
This can be seen as XML SAX parser framework. With it, you can easily create parsers for your custom XML tags.
This is a simple Magpie based script which can be used to merge multiple feeds into a single feed and sort the feed contents based on the date. implies, the latest created item from any feed will appear. This script does not show or ask you to select the feeds but it will mix all the feeds and will sort according to each feed. I found many sites hosting this service but i wanted my own script running on my own server. I have searched for more than 5 days for a simplar script online but could not get any. the demo can be seen at erge/. This is merged feeds of more than one blog. installation i merge/ l.e., and all you need to do is push feed urls into the main index file. add more of the following text next to the existing ones inside the index.php file and the script is ready to merge the contents for you. simple! array_push($urls,"http:// .xml");
Simply type in the pages you want incuded in your sitemap and the script will dynamically generate an XML sheet incuding the last modification date, Update frequency and priority... Great for improving your Google ranking! For more info on sitemaps. Visit ers/sitemaps/ For a working example... Visit xmlsitemap.php
SC Status is a php script to display the status of your server. either online(live broadcast) or offline, very simple script to implement into existing website.

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