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Calculate distances between 2 Latvia post codes or populated places within territory of Latvia. You can also use our provided examples to search by a certain miles radius from any point in LV. Script uses Latvia post code MySQL database with around 400 records - including longitude and latitude of almost all populated places in Latvia with state information and names of the places by using Latvian character set. Absolutely unique product.
Calculate distances between 2 US zip (post) codes. 41+k records with town and state information for each zip code. You can also use our provided examples to search by a certain mile radius from any point in US. Script uses US zip code MySQL database with more than 41.000 records - including longitude and latitude.
This function calculates the distance between two locations by using latitude and longitude from ZIP code, postal code or postcode. The result is available in miles, kilometers or nautical miles based on great circle distance calculation.
Being Found Is Half the Sale! Allow your site visitors to enter their zip code and select the maximum distance they are willing to travel,and Shop Finder will create a list of your locations that fall within the search parameters.

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