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Ultimate Cash Cow - MLM Powerlines Scripts - Multi-Level Marketing
Description :


MLM / Powerlines Modular Multi-Program Network Creator. Creates an unlimited number of affiliate programs, using any number of tiers (MLM), AND / OR a powerlines structure (X-up) - all running off one domain and database, so members create one downline within the network. Members also maintain one profile and login area. This script runs Marketers Dashboard, Automatic Money Machine, Fast Money Machine, Your New Fortune, Easy Daily Cash, & EDCGold, to name a few. Affiliates and Admin are paid separately, and directly by members - so theres no 1099 tax reporting for your members! Create single payment programs AND / OR subscription based programs using, Safepay, Alertpay, Paypal, and Egold. More added on request. All payments are 100% IPN secure, and made member to member, except - a merchant account gateway. Affiliate commission payment system included, so if you accept credit cards, you can easily track & pay your affiliates. See site for 2-up script @ $297!

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