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NEW! Monthly Payday MLM V 2.5 - Multi-Level Marketing
Description :


Monthly Payday is one of the newest MLM Money Making Scripts with tons of Member & Admin features. You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and ever month! Let me tell you about this amazing, one of kind PHP script! Theres nothing like it! This script allows you to signup up thousnds of members at absolutely no cost! This is why they will signup... Because its 100% FREE! But wait, I have not told you the exciting part! Then, once you decide you have enough members all you have to do is login to the admin area and click one button that says "Admin Payday On!" Thats when you get a massive stream of income from the entire downline! You get 100% CASH right into your Paypal account! Now, this is only half the story of what this script can do! Why would they pay? Well, thats easy.... they will pay because if they donot pay they will be bypassed and in turn they will not get paid! Once they are bypassed they will not receive any money from their referrals!

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