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Graphs and Charts related scripts & softwares
FusionCharts lets you create animated, interactive and data-driven Flash charts & graphs for your PHP appplications. It makes full use of the fluid beauty of Adobe Flash to create compact, interactive and visually-arresting charts. However, you do NOT need to know anything about Flash to use FusionCharts. All you need to know is your PHP scripting. You can use it with any database of your choice. FusionCharts offers over 50+ 2D and 3D charting styles for you to choose from. You can buy the entire source of FusionCharts as part of Developer License.
Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With advanced graphing you will be quickly adding impressive and dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive ! The PHP graphing scripts provide a very easy way to embed dynamically generated graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages.Very easy to use and add professional quality graphing to web pages / applications in minutes. Many new chart styles added to the Extented Collection. Try for free.
Include the PHP Charts classes and you can make your own dynamic charts. The script is very dynamic and easy to understand, you will be up and running in minutes. You can create bar, line and pie charts and it?s possible to combine the bar and line charts. To create the most easiest charts you doesn?t have to waste time learning advanced functions. But of course, it?s possible for the advanced users to learn how to change almost everything on the charts. The visitors/users of your home-site/program doesn?t need to install anything because the chart oupout are ordinary images. The price is the same even when you distrubute PHP Charts in your own programs.
Flash Charts Pro allows you to add dynamic, data-driven and animated Flash charts & graphs to your PHP applications. You do NOT need to know Flash in order to fully utilize all the great potential of Flash Charts Pro. There is NO database preference; you can use any you like. Very easy to use and integrate. Add compact, visually-arresting 2D/3D charts & graphs to your web pages and PHP applications. You?ll have full control over styles and data output of 30+ chart types included in the pack. There are pie, bar, line, bubble, candlestick, scatter, area charts and much more! End-users and visitors don?t need to install anything as Flash is industry standard! Flash Charts Pro ideal for web applications, reporting solutions, presentations, dashboards etc. anywhere where power charting and representative looks are required! Flash Charts Pro compatible with many scripting languages like ASP, ASP .NET, PHP, JSP etc. as it uses XML for styling and data load. Must have pack! Give it a try!
JpGraph is a OO Graph drawing library for PHP4 as well as PHP5. Highlighted features: Supports both text, linear and log scale for both X and Y-axis; Supports image maps; Supports anti-aliasing of lines; Background image; Supports color-gradient fill; Supports both, GIF, JPG and PNG formats; Supports two Y-axis; Supports spider plots, pie-charts (2D and 3D), lineplots, filled line plots, impuls plots, bar plots (both vertical and horizontal), error plots, field plots, box plots, candle charts,Polar plots and Gantt charts; Multiple plot types in one graph; Intelligent autoscaling; alpha-blending and clipping and many more features.
phpChart is a PHP4 class package derived and hacked from advGraph to generate charts in Flash4 SWF format. It allows you to generate scatter, line, column charts in FLASH format. The Ming PHP extension to SWF is used in this class package.
DynaGraph creates dynamic graphs based on data selected from a database query. Using PHP, DynaGraph accesses a MySQL database, and uses the results to plot information to a bar graph in the GIF format, using gd1.3.
PHPLOT is a PHP script for creating Dynamic Scientific, Business, and Stock Market Type graphs. Written in PHP and supports, PHP3, PHP4, TTF (or no ttf), and GD versions 1.2 - latest version. It includes Pie, Bar, Line, Area, Point and combinations.
Use the BAR_GRAPH class to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or libraries (GD etc.) required.
This is a PHP Class to draw graphs. Line, Point, Area, and Bar Graphs are supported. Legends, shading, and zero-axis support. Output is highly configurable. Refer to examples for illustration of use. Requires GD and TTF support. Tested on PHP4.0.2.

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