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Image Handling related scripts & softwares
Image Create for PHP is a stand-alone script that allows you to create dynamic text images easily. Features: A Boolean flag for anti-aliasing, new PNG, JPEG and WBMP (for WAP phones) formats in addition to original GIf support, a Boolean flag for HTTP expires headers, autodetection and correction of missing image formats in the GD library, image dimensions and size fit the fonts better, and backwards compatibility with 1.0.0.
Display visitors IP Address in a graphic on your website pages (or any other pages) with this simple PHP script. This script makes use of the GD image tools. Can easily be changed to match whatever colors you wish.
This is a simple PHP script that allows yo to create buttons on the fly.
This is a small PHP script that creates an GIF image of labyrinths in 3D. It allows you between four resolutions for the image of the labyrinth: rikiki, average, large and panoramic. Image GIF is created by the extension GD of PHP.
ThumbsUP allows you to create thumbnails of pictures in the GIF, JPEG or PNG format. You can configure the program to what percentage you want to reduce the picture.
Want to add a bit of creativity and inspiration to your forum signatures? Just install this PHP script on your web server and have forums display one of your signature images at random. -->Very easy to setup! -->Quality script! -->Download now for free!
OIC (oh i see) Online Image Converter is an onlime image proccessing facility for PHP compatible web servers. This will allow users to upload a picture to the server and have it processed into another format.
Create high quality looking banners in a matter of seconds using this powerful PHP banner builder script. Simply choose your settings, click create and youll have your very own professional looking banner. Features: Use almost any TTF font desired. Simply place fonts in the specified font folder and the script will dynamically update the list of fonts for you. TTF font sample images are dynamically created from fonts placed in the font folder. Place banner images into folders or create new folders and the script will dynamically update Links to those banner foldes for you. Pagination on banner selection and font display pages. Support for image uploading to greater expand banner creation possibilities. Multi-lingual Support to attract a larger range of users. A Customize page allows freedom for text placement as well as text rotation abilities. Template based design allows you to customize the look of banner builder to your sites look and feel. Supported input formats: Jpeg , Gif & PNG Supported output formats: Jpeg PNG & Gif (PHP 4.3.9+) 1 Year of Updates/Fixes 1 Year of Technical Support
This is a little php script that does not need any more than GD library installed, and you can always get other background tiles.
ampsig is a free php package enabling you to publish a very high quality dynamic sig. uniquely, ampsig also shows your current progress in the song.. LIVE! ampsig features.. Scheme support. you supply an image, optionally a font, and a few text preferences in a "scheme" file. You can have many schemes, specifying them with the calling URL.. " php/nicescheme.png" or even have ampsig create them randomly from your schemes folder. (you can specify the output format with the URL, too) LIVE progress bar. this has to be seen to be appreciated.. hots.php TrueType support (with a wealth of "tweaks" you can perform on them), Alpha transparency support (have your background show through, use odd-shaped images, or float your text in mid-air, whatever), built-in color layers (create a random background, or produce color overlays for your images) and much much more. (almost a hundred different visual settings can be specified in your scheme, or none, its up to you) ampsig outputs its images in png, jpeg or gif format. ampsig can display information from a number of sources, generally utilising the services of standard "NowPlaying" type data clients. There are amspig clients available for Windows (AMIP is best), Mac OS X (macsig) and Linux (signux). All in all, if you are looking for a highly cool dynamic sig with oodles of features and infinite visual potential, there can be only one: ampsig. And if you dont have a webserver handy, we can even host it for you!

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