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Interactive Stories related scripts & softwares
This script is intended to be used for archiving stories or fanfiction. Features: multiple categories of fanfiction; characters assigned to each category; genres, ratings, warnings; membership system for authors; author bio page; admins can view all submitted stories, view some submitted stories, open all submissions, or turn off submissions completely; sorting/searching by genre, rating, warning, characters in each category page; image uploads that can be included in stories; multi-level admin system that allows different admin levels access to certain features; simple front page news system; templating system that allows for multiple, unique looking skins.
StoryStream is a powerful hyperfiction engine that allows a webmaster to setup a self-maintaining hyperfiction management site. Members can submit new stories and/or scenes and forks to contribute to existing stories. The built in rating and classification system allows visitors to determine which stories are pushed to the top of the pile. Grouping allows for sets of members to collaborate exclusively on certain stories. The engine use smarty to allow the webmaster to pick a look thats just right.
Powered by PHP and JavaScript. Back boned by MySQL. This script, although still in development, is designed to allow users to create interactive visual stories for the MS-IE browser. The script itself will allow users to upload images and to create and view story nodes. This version of the script has been tested on linux and windows for the server side of the scripting. Missing functionality is currently being worked upon. The only thing that is currently missing is the ability to link story nodes from within. Note- This is still in its early stages. Feed back is apreciated. This version is only for developers. DL and view at your own frustation.
Infinite Subcategories, Category read/write permissions, Category moderation, Search, Reviews / Hits / Word count, Skins / Languages, Favorites / Review Alert / Update Alert on favourite fiction / Forgotten password mailer / News / Latest fiction / Author - Fiction - Reviews stats / Genre & Character sorting / Language creation - editing - deletion = Requires: PHP 4.3+ & MySql
Allows visitors to fill in a form with an article, and submit it for review -- by you. One simple click and you authorize the article, which automatically appears on your website. Then other visitors can view the articles by selecting author, title, or category. Login/signup process allows users to edit/add their articles. Page-inated control panel to manage users/articles. Uses MySQL.
Chipmunk stories is a multi-story system where users come and post their additions to the current story, its kind of like madlibs. Featues infinite stories. Admin panel features add stories, delete stores, delete posts, and searching for entries. The latest version has necrypted password and some updated security features.

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