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URL checker is a short php script for checking URLs from MySql database. It generates a file with links that have status different from HTTP 200 OK.
This is a simple PHP code that lets you see if a link is valid before displaying it on your Web page. It is useful since you can have live links, but your site can become slow as the script checks the link before displaying the link. Just imagine if you got 100 links to check.
phplinkchecker reports the status (200, 404, 401, etc.) of a link and breaks the report down showing useful stats. Great for finding broken links, or working links on any page. It can be easily modified for any specific use. This is a modified version of the old PHP Kung Foo Link Checker.
This is a simple PHP website link checker to help get rid of any broken links on your web pages. Just type in the page you want to check and it crawls the page and checks the links on it. Then returns the status code i.e. 404 Not Found, 200 OK, ect.
Google PageRank Website Checker Tool: You can add our FREE Find Google Page Rank tool to any pages of your website and it will tell you what your Page Rank is! Very easy to add on your website. We have just released more designs! Crazy pink, Google Gulp and Purple Monster. Find and Show your google pageranks today!
Spice up you website by offering this great webmasters tool. This PHP Script checks Google PR, Link Popularity and major Directory Placement for the given website.
The Free Link Popularity Checker enables you to check your domain names for their link popularity in any search engine that you desire, among them Alexa Rank, AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google, HotBot, Msn, Overture and Yahoo. In addition it also checks the Google PageRank for each domain name. For market research purposes, you can also view the sites that may be referring traffic to you and find out what websites your competitors are linking too. The link popularity checker is extremely feature rich in that it provides export functionalities (i.e. to CSV Excel format, XML and to your email address), the ability to sort the results by any search engine or column, a historization of data over time with graphs, and the live display of the results as they are gathered from the sources. In addition, the link popularity checker features a simple, yet robust, administration panel where you can easily add new search engines, and modify and remove existing ones.
With this class you can retrieve the HTTP return codes, the HTTP header, the web page title, etc.
This new service is better than any other. It allows webmasters to create a link exchange directory without the hassle of installing a script or making one by themselves. This site creates the link exchange script and uploads it on the webmasters ftp. Really efficeint and Time Saver.
Do you want to search another website for a certain piece of code, link, text... This function opens the document and searches for a certain match.

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