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Your time is precious, hence this group has strived to make your newsletter distribution more comfortable and swift. Keep your customers updated with the latest news by mass mailing with the easiest tool. This latest evolution in email marketing has made mass mailing even simpler. The feature packed software contains everything you need to start sending successful newsletters. Written in PHP the tool installs on your Web server allowing you to avoid ISPs mail servers. The tool supports plain Text and HTML messages. Other important features are; create and manage templates for repetitive newsletters, personalization of messages, subscribe or unsubscribe form, manage subscribers list so that each customer enjoys his subscription, manual and scheduled dispatch of messages, test run to check messages, manage mailing list, collect extensive statistical data, and much more.
Mailing List Manager Pro 3.0 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use newsletter and mailing list manager. What makes Mailing List Manager Pro better than others? Powerful personalization and customization features! Attract subscribers, create and manage targeted mailing campaigns. Easy Installation ? Full Personalization ? CMS Newsletter Templates ? Full Customization with Custom Fields ? Scheduling Options ? Import/Export Subscribers ? ADVANCED TRACKING REPORTS: track mailing campaigns, click-throughs, set automatic bounced-emails options and get detailed mailing statistics ? Full Layout and design control and lots of other great features. PRIORITY SUPPORT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! FREE UPDATES! Get maximum ROI of your email marketing with Mailing List Manager Pro. Let us show you our FREE ONLINE DEMO and prove our claims!
1-2-All E-mail Marketing combines feature rich mailing list management with supreme ease of use. Save time and money while enhancing your marketing. For increased functionality at a remarkable value, nothing else compares. Key advantages include: Rebrandable, Detailed Tracking/Statistics, Central Language File, Message Personalization, Bounced Management, Time Sensitive Auto Responders, Multiple Sending Formats, Sending Filters, Real Time Queue, Multiple Admin Users, 100% Customizable Subscription Forms, Unlimited Optional Fields, and So much more. View our online demo or feature tour today to learn about the countless benefits.
Need to get your newsletters sent? ListMessenger Pro exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy-to-use and highly robust mailing list management system for any website. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple enough so anyone can quickly and easily manage their own mailing list and send out important information to their subscribers. Some features of ListMessenger Pro include: a simple browser-based install / upgrade, free lifetime application upgrades / support, easy message composition in both text and HTML formats, e-mail attachments, pause and resume sending, failure recovery, multi-group sending with duplicate address removal, powerful importing and exporting (Microsoft Excel, CSV), easy backup and restore system, custom e-mail fields and variables, public archives with multi-lingual end-user tools, automated unsubscribe links, text and HTML templates, enhanced subscriber signup reporting, administrator notifications & more for $49.95!
The Omnistar Mailer is a dynamic contact database and email list manager combined. It will give you the ability to dynamically create forms for obtaining information, create email list campaigns and create customized advanced searches to quickly retrieve your stored information. You may also create your own HTML newsletters using pre-designed templates.
The Secret to Email Marketing Success. Its finally here! With 20+ new features, SendStudio is the most powerful email marketing solution available. Period. From building a list and creating personalized newsletters, to measuring campaign results and sending automated follow up emails -- with SendStudio you can manage it all using only your web browser! Best of all, SendStudio can easily be integrated into your own (or your clients) existing website in just minutes! Totally Re-brandable, and very easy to use! Features: Personalization, Scheduling, Autoresponders, Bounce handling, WYSIWYG editing, Targeted sending, Multi-part emails, Advanced reporting, Click tracking, User management & More... Were extremely certain youll LOVE SendStudio that we offer an unconditional, 100% money back gaurantee. Try the online demo now!
The most feature packed and powerful marketing tool on the web! oemPro is the most comprehensive solution available for mailing lists comprised of 500 to 2.5 million subscribers. We guarantee the best performance, usability and support - or your money back. Features include; - 1 minute installation ? Easy Upgrading ? Public Newsletter Archives ? RSS Feeds ? Rich Text Editor ? Image Gallery ? Website Integration Wizard - Detailed Personalization - Outsouced Lists - Outsouced Contents ? Easy Import and Export - CMS Based Newsletter Templates - Unlimted Member Custom Fields - Targeted Marketing - Read and Link click tracking ? Campaign Snapshots ? SPAM-Rating - Easy Re-branding - Campaign Bounce Statistics - Follow Up Auto Responders - Recursive Campaign Scheduling - Member and Client Management ? 100% Rebrandable User Interfaces ? Central Language Translation - And much more? Visit our online Demo to see why oemPro has become ?The Most Trusted Name in Email Marketing!?
Mail Machine Pro is a professional mailing list manager written in php. This program features a web-based setup wizard, unlimited lists and subscribers, multiple admins, personalization of newsletters with user data, autoreplies, scheduled mailings, email attachments, link tracking, bounced email management, open/read tracking, opt-in/out, optional SMTP sending, detection of duplicate subscribers, mailing lists stats, import/export of subscriber list, automatic backup and restore, real-time message queue and more. Other programs with these features are priced much higher. Check out our demo and prove to yourself that Mail Machine Pro is the best mailing list solution available. Included in the cost of the program($39.00) is free installation and support!
Comdev Newsletter is one of the most popular marketing tools today. Direct personalized emails are a great way to hold a person?s attention. Keep your current customers or potential customers up-to-date on any information, topics, or products with Comdev Newsletter today and start to build your reputation and brand recognition. ? Non Template-Based ? Easily Fit To Your Web Design Page ? Subscription Form with Captcha Image ? Confirmation of Subscription ? Browse Archives ? HTML/Text-based Email ? WYSIWYG editor ? Personalized Preset Templates ? Multiple Subscriber Groups ? Import Subscribers ? Schedule Delivery ? Auto Send via Cron Job ? Bulk Sending Handling ? Bounce Email Checking ? Unsubscribe Link ? Easy Installation with Installation Wizard ? Top Notch Support
ListMessenger Light, the sister version of our successful ListMessenger Pro product, includes many of the great features that are found in the Pro release. This no cost program is perfect for smaller websites that need a reliable electronic mailing list or newsletter solution that can be running in minutes. If your mailing list grows beyond the recommended subscriber base of 200, upgrading is easy and trouble-free. For a full feature list, visit our website or feel free to ask questions in our friendly public forum. Some features of ListMessenger Light include: a simple browser-based install / upgrade, easy message composition in both text and HTML formats, e-mail attachments, multi-group sending with duplicate address removal, easy backup and restore system, custom e-mail fields and variables, public archives with multi-lingual end-user tools, automated unsubscribe links, enhanced subscriber signup details, administrator notifications and more, available at no cost!

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