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Mailing List Manager Pro 3.0 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use newsletter and mailing list manager. What makes Mailing List Manager Pro better than others? Powerful personalization and customization features! Attract subscribers, create and manage targeted mailing campaigns. Easy Installation ? Full Personalization ? CMS Newsletter Templates ? Full Customization with Custom Fields ? Scheduling Options ? Import/Export Subscribers ? ADVANCED TRACKING REPORTS: track mailing campaigns, click-throughs, set automatic bounced-emails options and get detailed mailing statistics ? Full Layout and design control and lots of other great features. PRIORITY SUPPORT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! FREE UPDATES! Get maximum ROI of your email marketing with Mailing List Manager Pro. Let us show you our FREE ONLINE DEMO and prove our claims!
Edit your site like you edit a word document. Use Toko to edit web site online, No Database, user friendly GUI and most important Integrate toko in no time into any existing site. Toko is a Html/Text web content editor which brings to the web many of the powerful functionalities of desktop editors like MS Word tool bar. Toko is a compact multi language, open source content editor and content management system (CMS) Toko definition and management is simple and is done via editing Pre-defined areas on any web page or XML file without any need for programming skills.
Uses your existing location tables to integrate a dealer or store locator into any web page. No need to reload your data into a vendor-supplied database table. Online demos. Instant download. Includes zipcode data and easy-to-use PHP installation, demo and function scripts.
Being Found Is Half the Sale! Allow your site visitors to enter their zip code and select the maximum distance they are willing to travel,and Shop Finder will create a list of your locations that fall within the search parameters.
directory of links to be put on a single page of your Web site, with a script php. 120000 links of Websites referenced on the directory. 6000 pages classified by categories. The directory is updated regularly and automatically. Ideal to add a rich contents to your site by a mini code php.
Easily manage your soccer team web site with this PHP web site creation software. Track your team in a program such as Excel, export to common CSV files and upload players stats, content, roster, coaches, assistants, schedule, locations, standings. Dynamic thumbnail resizing with drop shadows on photos, pure XHTML and CSS with a tableless design. Yahoo! and Mapquest maps for practice, games and tournament locations. Best yet, really cool soccer card generation in high resolution PDF files! Great for printing on high quality photo paper. Even add your teams logo to each soccer card! No database required, drag and drop, set permissions to one folder and you are running.
Chipmunk Pwngame Chipmunk Pwngame is a simple game where you sign up and are given a link to "pwn" people. All they have to do is go to that link and you get 1 point for pwning them. Its like those things where you click on a link and get eaten by a monster.
Wen-based control of Half-Life Gameserver Mapcycles. phpMapCycle finds what maps are available on the webserver, and lets you compose and save multiple mapcycles. Once saved, you can transfer them from the script. Requires: php4*, ftp enabled. Total management of mapcycles. Version 2 will include ability to upload / delete maps from the web-browser.
Small, yet powerfull joke script. You can add unlimited categories, umlimited jokes. Script is fully template driven. You can change it how you want, to fit your website. This version is a beta and free version. All you have to do is dump the *.sql file in your mysql db, edit conect.php and trimitemail.php.
You have been to your local bar during sports season You have seen it before Can be used for any sporting event BaseBall BasketBall Soccer Football Can Run multiple games at once Can set Admin cut of each square purchased Can Set Price for each square Can Set cutoff time for square purchase If no winner can roll over pot to another current game Check out the demo. It explains all. Script is strictly for EDUCATIONAL purposes!
If you want to spice up your Animal Crossing site, or just want to add something special to your gaming site, you can add some fun, or perhapse spoil it for people with the Animal Crossing Code Project. It contains the PHP version of the Code Generator and Decoder, originally made in C++ by MooglyGuy. However, because MS-DOS is limited, this package can bring you more. It brings you the original features found in the original, plus some extended information in the Decoder, and a special Plus version for both programs, which also give you a visual representation on how things could show up in the game. Last but not least, it also contains some small examples on how the generator can be used also.
If you are searching a low cost casino software and want to start your gambling business, We have what you need ! Casino Manager is the cheapest Casino Software available on Internet - Non downloadable casino (Flash) - Youll keep 100% of profits - Affiliate program available - Actually 9 games available - installed on YOUR server - Complete Admin area - Free software updates Games : Baccarat - BlackJack - Slots - VideoPoker - Keno - Pouki ... New features added all along the year, multiplayer games coming in 2006.
This is the famous Scratch n Win game written in PHP. Features: Easy to play, Highly addictive, Easy to configure, Customizable look, You control the odds, Administrative Control Panel, Increase your email database, Simple, easy to follow rules, Change your card look in minutes, and Control the number of prizes awarded. This version allows you to award multiple prizes.
An open source browser based sports ladder. Squash ladder PHP was developed as a web application to automate the running of a squash ladder. As an open source package it is under continual development and can be downloaded for installation on your own server. Alternatively, you can have your ladder hosted for free at or The package can be set up to run a single ladder or alternatively to run multiple ladders. Whether installed locally or hosted, each ladder is fully customisable to suit your individual needs. Features include: password protected login, variable challenge period and places, automated reminders emailed out for expiring challenges and automated forfeiting and many other settings. The ladder is suitable for sports such as squash, tennis , badminton, table tennis etc.
A PHP/MYSQL Full MMORPG, Spells, Monsters, NPCs, Shops, 100% Complete User System. High Security, and best of all Open Source! Over 10,000 lines of code, and it has many great features, and item images alone that are great. Fully done Control Panel, this Futuristic MMORPG has access to many great features when you get the source.
With RSI-Mon, you will no longer have any excuse for skipping your micropauses. RSI-Mon changes colour every 15 minutes to remind you to take a short micropause. Every hour it will change to a third colour to remind you to have a 15 minute break. It can be paused and restarted if you wish. It uses JavaScript to open in a smaller window, and also to make the window vibrate and attrack attention when a break is due. (It is not a game!)
Give your website visitors the chance to have their fortunes revealed by adding these pearls of wisdom to your website. Allows for custom header and footer.
With this simple script you will be able to integrate FunQuiz into your web site and make it more interesting for visitors. This addictive quiz will help you to keep the web site more attractive and to make visitors back again. It will become a magnet for your site visitors. Very easy to configuration in integration! New questions every day! If you would like to add your custom questions we can do this for you free of charge. More than 10 question categories, including: Science, Sex, Technology, History, Geography...
phpUA is a PHP script that enables gaming server administrators to manage their servers via a website interface and to display server information including live statistics to the public. Plug-ins allow for game, language and website design compatibility.
ArcadeScript v1.0 $15.00 US LIFETIME LICENSE!!! Username = demo Password = demo Features - - 50 Pre-Installed Games - Add/Remove Games - Add/Remove Categorys - Ban IP Addresses - Add Games From Other Sites Too - Upload Files - Manage Submissions - Editable Footer, Header and Skin - Top Voted Games, New Games, Most Played Games - Very Easy To Use - Free Updates For Life - Free Template - An much more... If you have any questions at all please just ask.
Create your own casino... this poker game is really addicted and fun! Webmaster can increase visitor and earn lots of cash with this fantastic poker game. Integrated with fully random card generator will guaranteed no one can know what the result of the game will be! Feature: PHP based e-gold game with MySQL database, Easy to use and easy to install script, Automated verification and payment system, Anti cheat system, Referring system included, Determine winning rate capability, Customizable layout and game comment, Player history available, Random card generate engine integrated.
GameSiteScript is an easy-to-use arcade management system powered by PHP and MySQL. Youll have your very own arcade site up and running within minutes of receiving the script. ? Easy-to-use administration area. ? Comments & ratings system. ? Powerful theme engine. ? Fully customizable - no encoding.
Add a paper, scissors, stone game to your website. Easy to install and keeps a score tally for the number of times the player has won and the computer has won. Allows for custom header and footer.
This is a Casino script that can be funded with eGold, admin sets the payout minimum & maximum levels, set what percentage of profits you pay out as jackpots, it has a full featured back end, there is 3 games in 1 and
Horoscope script done in PHP. Includes Zodiac Images, Add Content Page. The visitor inputs thier Birthday and a horoscope is displayed. Acookie is set to expire according to a time variable. This way the same horoscope appears until the next day. Requires PHP4 & MySQL
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